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  • Support multiple types of lasers

  • FPK first pulse suppression

  • Wobble function

  • Marking On The Fly function

  • External trigger signal support

  • Marking on the large table

  • Marking on the curve surface

  • Galvo status feedback (temperature, alarm, etc.)*

  • Automatically add delay: There is no need for the user to manually fill in the delay parameters, the system will automatically determine the best delay (marking, jump, corner)*



                                                                                                                                                      RMC2 Manual(EN)




RMC2 is a USB bus advanced laser marking card, with the independent intellectual property rights of the core technology by Ray-Motion.We use proprietary protocol to communicate with glavo scanner, and with Ray-Motion high-performance digital glavo scanner,  we can provide users with a high-level solution. Aiming at the common problems in large-format processing which are difficult calibration.