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Laser Welding

LWS/LWS-pro is a High-power laser welding solution developed by Raymotion,

offers advanced features to help users complete processing better, such as:


  • Static 2D galvanometer welding or fast moving welding with gantry machine
  • All-digital galvanometer system guarantees the highest positioning accuracy

         and long-term stability

  • CCD module provides coaxial vision function or other sensor interface
  • Optional lighting and air knife blowing system
  • Maximum power continuous 6KW
  • Reliable water-cooling and air-cooling systems ensure the reliability of high-power applications
  • Traceable welding quality.

         Three-band melt pool monitoring system can monitor and record melt pool

         status from visible light, infrared and laser bands.

  • Complete security.

         Monitor the temperature of the galvo and lens to avoid potential safety risks.

         GAS(Gavlo Active Safety) function can promptly identify the abnormal status of the galvo and

         alarm to avoid greater losses.

  • Adaptive laser power.

         Adjust the laser power synchronously during the acceleration and deceleration sections of the

         galvo to avoid energy accumulation.

  • Visual positioning.

         Use the coaxial vision system to obtain images of the processing area and visually locate the workpiece  



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The high-power laser welding system includes all-digital Neutron™ series galvanometers. Optional lighting and air knife blowing system. The maximum power can withstand continuous 6KW, including water-cooled and air-cooled channels.