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3D Pre-scanning System

  • Including the galvanometer, dynamic focus unit, controller, software.
  • XY2-100 universal digital interface.
  • Customization according to application.
  • Provide 1064nm, 10.6um, 355nm, 532nm, variety of wavelength applications.
  • Small focus point can be achieved.
  • Low jitter.
  • Independent intellectual property rights, can be exported worldwide.
  • Application for SLS, large format engraving, improve efficiency.


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This solution includes a 2D galvoscanner system Quantum 14 / 20 / 30 / 50, a dynamic focus unit Proton series, and a galvo system controller. It uses the Pre-scanning technology to realize the large field laser application. The advantage of this system: fast, small focus point, lower power loss.