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Support a variety of laser control, convenient for a variety of industry applications;

Easily create basic geometry;

Variety of filling methods are optional, and filling parameters can be added freely;

Extendable X, Y, Z, θ four-axis control;

Support external trigger signal control marking start and stop;

With an object list, you can modify the processing order of the elements by yourself;

The interface is concise, the function is clear, and it is convenient for customers to carry out frequent parameter debugging;

With processing progress data display, optional galvanometer status feedback function;

Dynamic axis compensation file is provided, and the dynamic focus correction can be completed by importing.






RayMarking datasheet download

RayMarking manual download

RayMarking is a laser marking software independently developed by RAY-MOTION, which has completely independent intellectual property rights. Integrate a variety of additional functions to achieve professional performance in the corresponding field.