Ray-motion as the domestic well-known scanning solutions provider, the company with the company's latest products participate in exhibitors. Companies from 14 years in Munich, Shanghai had only one product series -- Atom, under the joint efforts of all staff of the company, after 3 years of development, there has been three series, the advent of more than 20 categories of galvanometer system, launched excellent performance, stable and reliable quality products. Ray-motion main products are divided into 3 series, respectively, Atom series, Quantum series and QP series products. The three series of products covering most of the demand for application of laser etching, laser micro processing, solid forming, laser drilling, laser welding, laser cutting, wafer dicing, laser medical treatment, medical and ophthalmic imaging, the case of some special bands and special application can be customized development.

Munich, Laser Word of Photonics China(Shanghai) 2016