In 2014 November 6, 8 days, the eleventh session of the "China Optics Valley" International Optoelectronic Exposition and forum held in Wuhan International Expo Center, the exposition to "light, was wonderful world" as the theme, outstanding improvement of innovation ability of enterprises, to help break through the core technology, to strengthen international exchanges, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, with distinct theme forum and high specification very fruitful trading activities, build communication and cooperation platform for Chinese and foreign customers, realize mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, promote common development.

Anshan precision optical scanning technology Co. Ltd. as the domestic well-known mirror manufacturers participated in the light fair. On the meeting, the large audiences from home and abroad come to the company's booth on understanding advisory, including IPG, Rofin, Raycus, like Chuang Xin and a number of other well-known laser manufacturers, Han's laser, Chutian Laser, Huagong laser, unity laser etc. some domestic equipment manufacturers have all visited. At the meeting, the company took the new high-speed two-dimensional scanning galvanometer, dynamic focusing, large spot and a series of products to the market, in customer side received a great response. Some customers in the exposition site expressly to purchase our products, great confidence that this gives us made products.

Anshan precision optical scanning technology Co. Ltd. is committed to the laser control system R & D, manufacturing and sales, in the domestic industry laser has a high visibility, the company is committed to the Chinese high-end laser equipment manufacturer service, for customers with the best products and user experience. Anshan precision will always be the high-end products to do so, and will continue to launch customers eyes bright, exceed customer expectations of product, please look.

Wuhan International Optoelectronic Exposition 2014