• Laser Welding

    The high-power laser welding system includes all-digital Neutron™ series galvanometers. Optional lighting and air knife blowing system. The maximum power can withstand continuous 6KW, including water-cooled and air-cooled channels.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

    Neutron20 scanner system is developed for the additive manufacturing industry and features high resolution, high linearity, low jitter, low zero point and gain drift, fully closed loop control for accurate positioning, SPD scanner protocol (for Neutron series), and timely feedback on lens temperature.

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  • Laser Cutting

    For the laser cutting industry, we offer 2D large format laser cutting solutions, including NP/QP30 front focus mirror scanning system and RMC2 & RayMarking motion control system.

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  • Software Development

    MCF (Motion Control Foundation) is a secondary development tool launched by RAY-MOTION, based on C# language development, open system architecture. It is applied to the development of oscilloscope control system, with a complete program framework, integrated high-quality algorithms to facilitate the secondary development of its application to meet their own needs.

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  • Laser drilling

    The RM5D multi-axis drilling system can realize micro-machining of hole-shaped primitives, such as elliptical conical hole, ideal through-hole, etc.
    The system integrates 2D galvoscanner system of Neutron Series, dynamic focus unit of Proton Series, “α&β axises”galvoscanner system,focus lens galvo system controller

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