We strive to provide you with optimal maintenance support. To ensure a fast and uncontroversial repair and maintenance process, observe the following:

1、 Fault diagnosis

Please confirm the defects or functional problems of the product before sending it to us. In order to avoid maintenance delay, please submit a complete "return to factory delivery form" with the returned products. If there are defective drawings, please send them to us together with the "return to factory delivery form". The return delivery form can be downloaded from our website. You can choose the online version, send the electronic file to the contact email after filling in, or manually fill in the offline version after downloading and send it back with the product.

We only provide services for our products. Please understand.

2、 Transportation

When returning the product to the factory, please follow the following instructions:

1. Make sure that the SN code and the "tear invalid" label are intact. We will track all information of the product according to the SN code.

2. Make preparations for product maintenance, that is, carry out reasonable cleaning.

3. If possible, use the original packaging material to ensure the best protection of the product.

3、 Maintenance time

After receiving your return delivery form, we will repair it according to the feedback. Maintenance is usually completed in a week. In some cases, it may take longer if replacement parts are difficult to obtain.

4、 Product warranty

We guarantee that there are no defects in the production and materials of the products. The warranty period is calculated from the date of product delivery. The maintenance under the warranty will be carried out in our company. Our warranty period is 18 months. The scope of warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of our products.

The following items are not covered by the warranty:

1. Products damaged due to improper use or operation.

2. Damage caused by incorrect laser power (e.g. focused beam on optical surface) or improper adjustment.

3. Damage to optical elements (reflector, objective lens, etc.) due to improper handling or cleaning.

4. Modified products.

5. Products with damaged warranty seal.

6. Indirect damage.

5、 Maintenance cost

For the products within the warranty period, we will repair and test free of charge. If there are parts that are not damaged due to our own reasons, we will charge the replacement fee according to the repair quotation. For products beyond the warranty period, we will charge basic maintenance fee.

Please refer to "product maintenance quotation" for specific price.

6、 Transportation expenses

We will be responsible for the return transportation expenses of the products within the warranty period, and all other transportation expenses shall be borne by the buyer. We don't accept any kind of freight on delivery. If we don't reach an agreement, we will reject our products and return them by the same way.

Download the return delivery form